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Senior Pastor


Elder Keenan Peebles was born December 4th 1998 in St.Louis MO to Danita Irving and Courtney Peebles. Coming from a lineage of pastors, preachers, and leaders, his family knew that the hand of the Lord was on his life, and at the age of five, he preached his first message, “Let My People Go”, with his Grandfather and Pastor, Bishop Ronald Irving  at his side. Since then he has grown in leaps and bounds in the word, and in ministry. In 2017, he was licensed as a Minister, and in 2018, ordained as an elder in the Church of God in Christ in the Missouri Midwest Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, under the leadership of Bishop Elijah Hankerson, III. In that same year, he was appointed at the President of the Jurisdictional Youth Department, where his Mother serves as Chairlady (This being the first time in history where and Mother and Son served in such capacities). Elder Peebles serves not only in these Jurisdictional capacities, but in several functions of the five-fold ministry where his focuses are in the prophetic ministry, and deliverance ministry; equipping believers to walk in the prophetic purpose God has placed on their lives! On October 6, 2019, after serving as an associate minister for several years, Bishop Irving appointed him as the Assistant Pastor of the church. He served faithfully, even in facing the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, that shortly came a few months after. On July the 4th 2021, after much fervent prayer, Bishop Irving announced his retirement after 23 plus years of faithful ministry as Senior Pastor, and announced that Elder Peebles, would be his successor; becoming the 3rd in Succession. Upon these great ministerial endeavors, Pastor Peebles is also pursuing his undergraduate studies in History Education, with a focus in Religious Studies. 

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